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Paws in the Park Event Promotion

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Going the extra mile for animals

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Paws in the Park is the SPCA Serving Erie County’s longest-running fundraiser. The day is filled with dogs, a two-mile walk, dogs, vendors, demonstrations, and did we mention dogs? Aside from being a blast, proceeds from the event help the SPCA care for over 12,000 animals each year. While we adore the branding we’ve done for the SPCA, events such as Paws in the Park allow us to unleash our creativity (pun absolutely intended). Every year (or two), we develop a new campaign to promote the event, encourage animal lovers to register, and entice sponsors.

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Everyone on Riveter's staff loves animals, and it's an honor to work on the creative for the SPCA serving Erie County because it is a mission we all believe in.

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