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Sanderson Wealth Management Directly Attributes
$7 Million Dollars in New Accounts in 18 Months
to Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Case Study for Sanderson Wealth Management


Sanderson Wealth Management, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm catering to high-net-worth families, worked with Riveter Design to evolve their brand position, messaging, and visual ecosystem to reflect the firm’s forward thinking approach and extraordinary level of service. Previously, new client acquisition was 100% referral based with an average of 12 new clients per year. The launch of overhauled allowed the firm the opportunity to begin implementing inbound marketing strategies to diversify their client acquisition strategy and reach potential clients well beyond their existing network.


Sanderson Wealth Management clients are required to hold a significant amount in ready-to-invest savings as a prerequisite to entering an investment relationship with the firm. This qualifier adds an additional complication to traditional fill-the-funnel marketing strategies, requiring calibrated content development to attract qualified prospects.



While redesigning, Riveter implemented the “Insights” (blog) section to house content. Each piece of content is tagged to be searchable by author and subject matter.

Content Development

Adherence to the following practices results in search engines finding Sanderson’s content valuable, and therefore it becomes more likely to be served as highly-ranked search results to potential clients who are searching for information about a service that Sanderson offers.

Lead Capture

Quarterly, Sanderson publishes an extensive piece of thought leadership—for example a “guide to” a particular topic. The high value of this content to readers promotes further engagement with the brand. A strong call-to-action prompts direct connection, allowing Sanderson to track prospects and provides an opportunity for additional outreach.


Every page on the website, including each piece of content published, features an elegantly prominent call-to-action encouraging users to submit their contact information to schedule a call with Sanderson Wealth Management. This typically occurs when a user has read several pieces of content and has a growing interest in the firm’s capabilities, self-identifies as an appropriate potential client, and is ready to take the next step to learn more.

Ongoing Communication

Sanderson is able to leverage the prospect list created to communicate on an ongoing basis with monthly newsletters sent directly to the lead. By doing so, they are able to assess their engagement with the communications over time—for example, how often they are opening the newsletters and how much time they are spending on the website. Sanderson uses HubSpot to track, report and assess users’ paths. If they seem particularly engaged, Sanderson may elect to reach out directly with more tailored communications.


Sanderson Wealth
directly attributes

$18 million dollars
in new accounts
in 18 months
to inbound marketing.
In 18 months, Sanderson Wealth
Management has maintained their average
of 1 referral-based new client per month

and added an average of Three
additional new clients
per month (and growing).
Inbound marketing
is now responsible for

(and growing)
of Sanderson Wealth Management’s
new client
acquisition strategy.
Sanderson Wealth
has increased their
prospect list from

100 potential clients
TO 150
The firm receives,
on average,
per month.

This strategy requires Sanderson Wealth Management invest
$0 in advertising costs.

The only costs associated with the strategy include their monthly
fee for their CRM software, and their ongoing engagement with
Riveter Design, who manages content development and posting.

There are no paid search campaigns
associated with this strategy.

This is just one example of turning content into revenue.
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